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Bringing platform chemistry
from the Lab to the Air Quality Market

Aqdot lab

Taking a platform technology and bringing it to market represents one of the greatest challenges for deep tech innovators.

Doing so in the chemical sector is especially challenging.  Regulatory, sustainability, quality, long-established supply chains, pricing, performance targets – all of it presents an almost Odyssean journey for any innovator hoping to disrupt and build value.

Aqdot is an award-winning chemtech company that understands this journey better than most.  Spun out of the University of Cambridge in 2014, the company has successfully brought its unique, high performing platform chemistry, sometimes described as chemical Velcro, from the labs of Cambridge to the supermarket shelves of the high street. 

Pursuing a vision of ‘cleaner air everywhere for everyone’, the company’s AqFresh technology provides solutions for homes and businesses, and has developed relationships across the FMCG and retail communities globally.  Today, their products are distributed around the world.

aqdot scientistaqdot staffaqdot technicianaqdot technician

Aqdot has raised finance from UK investors  IP Group,  Parkwalk, Cambridge Enterprise Providence, Business Growth Fund & OP6 Innovation.

The Deep Tech Leaders team has worked closely with Aqdot since their earliest days, having recruited key board members, including their Chief Executive – Tim Wright (ex Pfizer, GSK, Elanand IS Pharma) and more recently, their Chief Commercial Officer – Hugh Rathbone (ex-P&G), and continues to advise on Board and Senior Level recruitment.