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‘Graphene Commercialisation: Scaling Advanced Materials | Tony Pearce’

In this insightful interview, Chris Reichhelm speaks with Tony Pearce, COO of Paragraf, about the intricate journey of transforming graphene innovation from the lab to the market. Tony shares his expertise on the critical aspects of scaling up graphene technology, emphasising the importance of early-stage market credibility, manufacturing repeatability, and the alignment of product development with customer needs.

Learn how Paragraf has tackled the challenges of transitioning from research to production, with a particular focus on applications in magnetic sensing and battery manufacturing. Tony provides practical advice on the dynamics between commercial, technological, and scale-up teams, underscoring the necessity of a cohesive approach for successful product commercialisation.

Tony also reflects on his experiences and lessons learned, highlighting the need for flexibility in manufacturing processes and the value of strong customer relationships. This interview is a must-read for anyone interested in the commercialisation of advanced materials offering valuable guidance for startup founders, tech leaders, and industry professionals.

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