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April 2023 – Deep Tech Leaders supports Circular Impact company, Carbon8, with the appointment of Paul Drennan-Durose as Chief Executive.

Paul is an industrial leader with experience of turnaround and growth opportunities for venture capital and private equity-backed businesses.  He recently led turbine innovator, Heliex Power Limited, as CEO, working with BP Ventures, as well as Powerhouse Energy Group plc, where he also served as CEO.  At Carbon8, Paul will be working closely with investors EDF/Pulse and Vicat S.A. on realising the company’s opportunity for removing and storing industrial residues and CO2 from industrial companies within hard-to-abate industries.

About Carbon8

Carbon8 is a Circular Impact company converting CO2 and industrial residues into sustainable value streams.  As a growing leader in the carbon capture, utilisation and storage (‘CCUS’), Carbon8 specialises in mineralisation.  Through the company’s Accelerated Carbonation Technology (‘ACT’), they can capture CO2 and other industrial residues directly from the source and manufacture products.

About Deep Tech Leaders

Deep Tech Leaders recruits boards and leadership teams for advanced science, engineering and technology businesses aiming to move from the Lab to the Market.  Headquartered in London, we partner with entrepreneurs, executives and investors to build innovative companies across the Industrial, Medical and Advanced Computing domains.