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May 2023 – Deep Tech Leaders supports graphene innovator, Paragraf®, with the appointment of Andy MacInnes as Executive Director of Materials Technology.

Andy is a senior materials and epitaxy leader who has served the semiconductor industry for more than 30-years.  His career has included senior research appointments at the Max Planck Institute and Harvard University, before moving into engineering leadership roles with companies like TriQuint Semiconductor, II-VI and Coherent.  His engineering has contributed to some of the most successful electronic devices of all time.

About Paragraf®

Paragraf® is a technology company delivering game-changing, commercial quality, graphene-based electronic devices. Serving the sensor, energy and semiconductor markets, Paragraf has developed graphene electronic devices and is now partnering with visionary companies seeking to take advantage of the unique properties of graphene.

About Deep Tech Leaders

Deep Tech Leaders recruits boards and leadership teams for advanced science, engineering and technology businesses aiming to move from the Lab to the Market.  Headquartered in London, we partner with entrepreneurs, executives and investors to build innovative companies across the Industrial, Medical and Advanced Computing domains.