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How do you
bring Deep Tech
innovation from the
Lab to the Market?

It starts with leadership.

Deep Tech Professionals

We partner with entrepreneurs and investors to build Deep Tech companies with impact.

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I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude to Deep Tech Leaders. I wholeheartedly recommend their team for their support and commitment. Their unwavering tenacity, expertise and communication make them an ideal partner, and their work exceeded my expectations. Thanks to them we were able to bring into our team an exceptional technical expert whose expertise and guidance will have a positive impact on growth, innovation and our overall success.

Helen Dighton HR Manager @ Paragraf

Building companies isn’t easy but you and your team have proven yourselves adept at recruiting. Great people in difficult circumstances. I am grateful for your professionalism, patience and support.

David Cummings Partner @ Molten Ventures

Finding “good” at C-level in deep tech means knowing what “good” looks like and you guys nailed it! Also being fun to work with helps, especially at a stressful time.

Bill Liao General Partner @ SOSV

We have worked together a long time and you guys have been important partners and friends throughout our journey. Your recent support in recruiting our senior leadership team has been highly valued. With our recent close of nearly $200m in funding, we now have the tools in place to scale and commercialise. Thank you.

Scott Brown CEO @ Nexeon

I’m very happy we worked with you guys. We’re an early-stage Deep Tech business and you clearly understood our challenges. The candidates, process and insight delivered were all first-class. Thanks again for your help.

Matt Carr CEO @ Luffy AI

First and foremost, I enjoyed working with you guys, both when you recruited me as CEO and as a client. You know how to approach people and you know what’s important in these processes and how to run them. You also did some great work for us in building up our senior leadership team. We’re now charging forward.

Guy Levy-Yurista CEO @ Synthace

I have worked with Chris and his team for more than 10-years. They have recruited a number of board & executive leaders for companies I’ve been involved with. They find great people. They also run a first-class process. They know how to herd cats, gain alignment and keep a board focused on what’s important. And they get projects delivered. I’m grateful for their support.

Russ Cummings Chairman @ British Patient Capital

It was great working with you and John. As an early-stage biomedical business with our office in Gothenburg. I wasn’t sure how easy it was going to be for us to fill these roles. But you guys delivered a strong shortlist and were able to help us land 2 great individuals.
The team and I are grateful.

Benjamin Hertzog CEO @ Intelligent Implants

The Deep Tech Leaders team are important partners of ours. We have worked together on several senior executive hires and they have always delivered. A couple of things stand out. The first is that they really understand what we are about and what we are trying to do. The second thing is their commitment to get it right. They care deeply about their work and about each step of the process.

Sam Reed Chief Executive @ DNAe

We asked the Deep Tech Leaders’ team to help us find new leadership during a crucial stage of development. Chris and his team supported us brilliantly through this giant leap, always going that extra mile to understand exactly what was required.

George Coxon Chief Operations Officer @ Nano