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Dec 2023 – Waste Concrete Innovator, C2CA Technology welcomes Dr Priya Perumal as Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Puriya Perumal, Chief Scientific Officer, C2CA Technology

Deep Tech Leaders is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Priya Perumal, the new Chief Science Officer at C2CA Technology.

Coming from her role as an adjunct professor and senior researcher at the University of Oulu, Finland, Priya is renowned for transforming waste materials into innovative cement and concrete solutions. Her expertise lies in upcycling industrial side-streams into sustainable construction materials, making her an invaluable asset to C2CA’s mission.

Priya’s unique blend of academic insight and commercial acumen is set to propel C2CA’s research and development, bridging the gap between academia and commerce.

About C2CA

A leader in sustainable construction, C2CA, established in 2016, is transforming waste concrete into eco-friendly cement, sand, and aggregates. Their innovative approach is reshaping the construction industry, promoting a circular economy.

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