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Driving Innovation and Operational Excellence: Pete Weaver is Puraffinity’s New COO

Deep Tech Leaders is excited to announce the successful placement of Pete Weaver as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Puraffinity

About Pete Weaver:

Pete Weaver is a dynamic and results-oriented business leader with an extensive background in Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Quality, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Business Development. His career spans across the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and FMCG industries, where he has been instrumental in driving significant financial turnarounds and operational improvements. Notably, Pete was part of a leadership team that transitioned a business from a £6m annual loss to a £12m profit within three years, demonstrating his adeptness at achieving profitability and operational efficiency.

Pete’s approach to leadership is marked by a global perspective, having led and built highly effective teams in the UK, USA, and China. His ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes, coupled with a proven track record of embedding operational excellence and leading significant behavioural and cultural changes, makes him a valuable asset to any organisation. Pete’s colleagues describe him as a versatile communicator and an energetic problem-solver, who constructively challenges poor behaviours and leads with integrity and strategic insight.

About Puraffinity:

Puraffinity is a pioneering company at the forefront of developing advanced materials for environmental applications. The company is known for its innovative approach to tackling pollution and enhancing sustainability through cutting-edge chemical engineering solutions. 

Puraffinity’s commitment to operational excellence and sustainable practices aligns with Pete Weaver’s expertise and vision, promising a synergistic path forward. His extensive experience in operational turnaround, business transformation, and international leadership is expected to drive Puraffinity towards new heights of success and market leadership.

We look forward to witnessing the transformative impact Pete will have at Puraffinity and the broader industry.

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