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February 2024 – Pioneering Sustainable Construction at Carbon8 with Rob Nicholson as Head of Commercial – End Products

Rob Nicholson Carbon8 Head of Commercial - End Products

Deep Tech Leaders are excited to share the news of our latest executive placement. Rob Nicholson has been appointed Head of Commercial – End Products at Carbon8.

About Rob Nicholson:

Rob Nicholson is a seasoned Commercial, Sales, and Operational Business Leader, bringing over 25 years of experience in the construction and construction products industry. His extensive background encompasses all phases of business planning, strategy, development, and growth. Rob’s specialist experience in lightweight aggregates, quarried aggregates, precast concrete, ready mix concrete, and low carbon cements positions him as a key influencer in sustainable construction practices. Known for his ability to bring new products to market successfully, Rob’s commercial and technical acumen has been instrumental in developing ultra-low carbon alternatives to traditional cement, significantly reducing embodied CO2 and promoting environmental sustainability.

About Carbon8:

Carbon8 stands at the forefront of the carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) sector, specialising in carbonation and mineralisation through its pioneering Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT). This innovative approach captures CO2 directly from its source to treat industrial residues, transforming them into reusable products. Carbon8’s lightweight carbon-negative aggregates offer a high-performance alternative to natural aggregate, reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects and advancing sustainable building practices. As a Circular Impact company, Carbon8’s vision of positive change through innovation is realised in their CO2ntainer, a compact, mobile CCUS solution designed for hard-to-abate sectors, underscoring their leadership in transforming waste carbon and residues into valuable components of a circular economy.

Deep Tech Leaders is excited to see Rob’s transformative impact at Carbon8, furthering our dedication to advancing sustainable solutions and operational excellence in the construction and concrete industries.

About Deep Tech Leaders:

Deep Tech Leaders specialises in recruiting boards and leadership teams for cutting-edge science, engineering, and technology firms transitioning from lab innovation to market impact. Based in London, we are a trusted partner for entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in shaping the future of the Industrial, Medical, and Advanced Computing sectors. We excel in connecting visionary companies with extraordinary talent to drive groundbreaking advancements.


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