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March 2024 – Catherine Tubb joins Deep Tech Leaders as Head of Research to lead the development of the Lab-to-Market Leadership Model

Catherine Tubb, Head of Research, Deep Tech Leaders

We’re delighted to welcome Catherine Tubb as the new Head of Research at Deep Tech Leaders. 

Catherine is an accomplished thought leader, author and research director known for her expertise in disruptive technologies and her forward-thinking approach to industry transformation.

Catherine joins us ready to lead the development of our Lab-to-Market Leadership Model, a framework to help guide innovators through the complex challenges of the lab-to-market journey.

With a career including leadership roles in research and analysis across NGOs, venture capital firms, and multinational companies, Catherine’s expertise spans equity research, financial analysis, and disruptive economics. Her blend of business acumen and scientific rigour is underpinned by a PhD in Chemistry from Cambridge University.

We’re excited to be joined by Catherine as we explore the transformational impact of exceptional leadership to drive technological advancement and reshape markets.

About Deep Tech Leaders:

Deep Tech Leaders specialises in recruiting boards and leadership teams for cutting-edge science, engineering, and technology firms transitioning from lab innovation to market impact. Based in London, we are a trusted partner for entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in shaping the future of the Industrial, Medical, and Advanced Computing sectors. We excel in connecting visionary companies with extraordinary talent to drive groundbreaking advancements.

Learn more about our Lab-to-Market Leadership Model in this short video from Deep Tech Leaders CEO, Chris Reichhelm.