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Enabling 21st century component
design and manufacture

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Component design and manufacture are changing.

Alloys – blends of metals that make up the most critical components in the most critical products in the most critical industries – are a case in point.  They are everywhere.   And today, we need them to be stronger, stiffer, lighter, more flexible and more durable than ever.

Better performing alloys lead to more fuel efficient planes, better performing computers, less energy demanding server farms, and safer, more durable bridges & buildings.  Better performing alloys enable innovation across the industrialised world.

The same is true for manufacturing.  Powered by software and novel materials, additive manufacturing is re-designing the manufacturing landscape – not just in terms of geography, but also in terms of time, cost, performance and supply chains.  Additive manufacturing will impact the industrialised world in profound ways in years to come.
Alloyed is an emerging leader positioning itself at the nexus of these changes.  The company has developed world-leading capability in the field of novel alloy design, process control and additive manufacturing.  Spun out of the University of Oxford in 2017, Alloyed employs 50 people across offices in the UK and Japan and has raised over £23 million to date. While still early in their development, the company has already established a blue-chip client list that includes some of the world’s leading aerospace, automotive, energy, mining & metals and technology companies. 

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Deep Tech Leaders has worked with the Alloyed team since 2018, supporting them along their Lab to Market journey.

We have helped them recruit the Chair of their Scientific Advisory Board – Peter Price (ex-Rolls Royce), as well as the Head of Digital Components – Pieter Guichelaar (ex ONI & GKN Additive Manufacturing).  We continue to support them with executive level search needs.”

Alloyed Banner