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‘Lab to Market – Selecting the Right Deep Tech Startup: A Job Seeker’s Guide’

Job Seekers!  Are you looking for a new role in the Deep Tech industry? Join deep tech headhunter Chris Reichhelm as he shares valuable insights to enhance your chances of securing the perfect position. Chris explores the essential steps to align your career goals with the right stage of startup development.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Sector Insights: Gain a deep understanding of the market challenges and opportunities unique to deep tech startups.
  • Startup Lifecycle: Learn about the various stages from ideation to commercialisation.
  • Phase Matching: Find out which startup phase aligns best with your skills and experience.

Don’t miss this informative episode that provides the knowledge you need to successfully navigate the deep tech landscape. Whether you’re beginning your journey or aiming to shift into a new role, this episode is essential listening for anyone serious about excelling in deep tech.

To learn more about Lab-to-Market Leadership, download our presentation on ‘The Lab-to-Market Journey – a Blueprint.’