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‘Lab to Market – Solving the Right Problem with Henrik Hagemann’

In this episode of the Lab to Market Leadership podcast, Chris Reichhelm, founder and CEO of Deep Tech Leaders, sits down with Henrik Hagemann, CEO of Puraffinity and a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree in 2019. 

Henrik shares his incredible journey of taking Puraffinity from the lab to the market. Discover how his company is advancing water treatment by developing advanced materials to filter out PFAS contaminants. 

Key insights from this episode include:

– The importance of identifying the right problem to solve

– The rigorous process of customer discovery, involving over 100 meetings

– The challenges and breakthroughs in developing innovative solutions for industrial applications

– The critical role of academia, entrepreneurship, and venture capital in deep tech innovation

Join us to learn valuable lessons on turning scientific breakthroughs into successful market-ready technologies.

Stay tuned for more episodes featuring leading entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, and policymakers navigating the lab to market journey. 

To learn more, download our presentation on ‘The Lab-to-Market Journey – a Blueprint.’