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January 2021 – Deep Tech Leaders supports plant biotechnology innovator, Micropep Technologies with the appointment of Philip Rollinson as Chief Business Officer.

Deep Tech Leaders is pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Rollinson as Chief Business Officer for sustainable agriculture innovator, Micropep Technologies.

Originally from the north of England, Philip enjoyed a 25-year career with DuPont Corp Protection, where he worked throughout Europe and the US in senior product and commercial roles.  More recently, he served as Executive Vice President of Provivi, a venture-backed, California-based start-up developing scalable, safer insect control technology for plants.  Philip joins Micropep as a senior member of the leadership team, reporting directly to Thomas Laurent.

About Micropep Technologies, S.A.

Micropep Technologies S.A. is a biotechnology startup developing a new generation of plant stimulation and protection solutions.  The company has found a way to push the limits of gene expression within plants, thereby improving their natural abilities from germination to harvest – without DNA modification.  With this powerful platform technology, the company is aiming to answer the biggest food and agricultural challenges of our time.

Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Micropep has investment and support from from prominent European investors.  To learn more about the company, refer to their website at


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