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‘The Role of CFO in a Deep Tech Company | Michael Black’

Welcome to another insightful episode of Lab to Market Leadership. This time, we’re joined by Michael Black, a highly experienced CFO with a broad background and expertise across a variety of deep tech domains. Michael sheds light on the multifaceted role of working as a CFO in a deep tech company, emphasising the critical areas of financial management, technology comprehension, and strategic advice. Whether you’re a finance professional or an aspiring deep tech entrepreneur, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge on navigating the complex landscape of deep tech.

In this episode, you will learn about:

– The diverse responsibilities of a CFO in a deep tech company

– The importance of accurate financial oversight and planning

– How a deep understanding of technology enhances a CFO’s effectiveness

– The role of a CFO as a trusted advisor to the CEO

– Effective strategies for early-stage funding and scaling operations

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an experienced expert in the field. Listen now and enhance your understanding of the pivotal role CFOs play in deep tech companies.

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